26 Simple Formulas for Living a Happy Life

26 Simple Formulas for Living a Happy Life


I believe that every woman can have a happy and meaningful life.


There are 26 simple formulas for living a happy life here for you, no matter whether you’re a stay-at-home mother or a successful CEO.


So get ready to learn how to create your own happiness recipe!


Happy reading!

What are the major components of living a happy life?


We often think that living a happy life requires complex formulas, long-term planning, and outside forces working in our favor.


However, the truth is that happiness is often far simpler than we make it out to be.


One of the major components of living a happy life is simply taking responsibility for your happiness. 


It all begins with your attitude,

which includes choosing decisions that align with your beliefs and aspirations and not depending on others to make you happy.


After that, you can transform your life.


It also means taking care of yourself physically and emotionally and making time for things that make you happy.


If you take responsibility for your own happiness, you’ll be one step closer to finding it.


Don’t wait for someone else to change your life – YOU have the power to do it yourself.


So find your passion and chase it until you catch it.


Then, start making simple choices that will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life today.


26 Simple Formulas for Living a Happy Life

Don't we all simply want to be happy and have simple formulas for a living? So what does it mean to live a simple, happy life? Do you ask yourself what exactly a happy life looks like?


There are countless books, articles, blog posts, and Instagram accounts dedicated to this topic.


But, unfortunately, I must inform you of the following: there is no simple formula for living.


You can’t just read a few self-help books and suddenly have your life figured out.


And you indeed can’t find happiness by following someone else’s formula.


When it comes to reality, things don’t always make sense.


But that’s okay.


Embrace the messiness and enjoy the ride because, in the end, that’s all we can do.


All we can do is hope and try our best when we live our lives to the fullest.


That’s my simple formula for living a fulfilling life, and it seems to be working out pretty well so far.


What is the simple formula for living a happy and meaningful life?


Life doesn’t follow a predetermined pattern. 


But the reality is that we are the formula. 


We are responsible for our happiness.


Everything will depend on how we do things and treat ourselves and others.


Our happiness is not dependent on the people around us but ourselves.


Happiness is a state of mind that arises from inside ourselves.


So regardless of the situation or the individual, how you treat yourself and others is entirely up to you.


You can't pay back a wrong with a wrong,

This is something that many people miss!


It’ll get worse from there, but you can try to do good and always try your best to aim for good no matter the circumstance.  

What are the ingredients for a happy life?


Ingredients, what can I tell you?!


I am also looking for the best ingredient to season my life. 


A happy life looks different for everyone, but some simple guidelines can lead to a life of meaningfulness and happiness. 


One crucial ingredient is to surround yourself with positive people who will support and encourage you.


Another critical element is to focus on the things that make you happy and let go of those that don’t.

Finally, it's also essential to find ways to give back and help others, as this can lead to a sense of satisfaction and purpose.

Everyone’s recipe for happiness will be different, but by following some basic recommendations, you may build an enjoyable and rewarding life.


I noticed a Simple Formular for Living poem by an Unknown Author, which piqued my curiosity, so I gave it a go!.


Check it out!


I’ve included a couple of other formulas that can also make a difference for you to play around with.


26 Simple Formulas for Living a Happy Life

Simple Formula for Living poem: by an Unknown Author

Live beneath your means


One of the easiest ways to have a happy and content life is to live within your means.


You must reduce your expenses if you wish to live frugally.


Spending less can be accomplished by budgeting your income and expenses and ensuring that your spending does not exceed your income.


Living within your means also requires being mindful of your purchases and only buying what you need rather than what you want—saving money, which gives you financial security and peace of mind.


Living beneath your means also gives you more time and energy to spend on more important things, like relationships, hobbies, and personal growth. 


Return everything you borrow


There are many simple formulas for living a happy life.


However, one of those is to return everything you borrow.


This simple act of honesty and respect shows that you are trustworthy and reliable.


Building trust with people is easier when they know they can rely on you to pay back any money or items they loan you.


Furthermore, returning borrowed items on time can save you money in late fees and repair costs.


In short, following this simple formula can help you lead a happier and more successful life.


Stop blaming other people


“STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE.” is another rule of life to live a happy one we should follow.


Maybe some of us aren’t even aware of this guideline!


Stop pointing your finger at other people.


Following this rule guides our decision-making nonetheless.


We often encounter opportunities to do this when something bad happens.


Instead of taking responsibility for our actions, we might instead look to someone else and say, “it’s their fault.”


While it’s easy to do this, it’s not always accurate or helpful.


Blaming others doesn’t change the situation – it only serves to make us feel better in the moment.


But ultimately, it’s not a very productive way to live.


So next time something goes wrong, try taking responsibility instead of looking for someone to blame.


It might just make a difference in your life.


Acknowledge when you've made a mistake


Everyone makes errors; it’s part of being human. 


On the other hand, successful people can acknowledge when they’re wrong and learn from their errors.


This simple formula for living a happy life can be applied to all aspects of life, from work to relationships.


When you make a mistake, own up to it and apologize if necessary.


Admitting an error shows that you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions and learn from your mistakes.


It’s a simple formula, but it can make a big difference in your life.


So give it a try next time you make a mistake and see how it changes things for the better.


Give clothes not worn to charity


Another great and kind formula for living a good life is to give clothes that you no longer wear to charity.


This simple act of generosity can brighten someone’s day and make them feel more confident.


Not only that, but it also helps to declutter your own life and make room for new things.


If you ever feel weighed down by your belongings, just remember that there is always someone who would be delighted to receive them.


So next time you decide to clean out your closet, make sure to donate anything you don’t need.


It will make the world a little bit brighter.


Go out of your way to do something nice, but don't get caught!


Put it on your list!!


Do something nice for someone every day.


It doesn’t need to be extraordinary, it is just kind, thoughtful, and helpful, and the other person will appreciate it.


Simple gestures like saying hello, lifting a giant suitcase to their vehicle, or cracking a joke may go long.


These things give you a feeling of satisfaction, and it doesn’t take long before you start to feel that you are making a difference in someone’s life.


It is also important to try not to get caught. 


For example:


If you are a good friend and someone says they need help moving, don’t say you will help them move.


Just show up and help them move.


It’s a great feeling, and the other person will appreciate it.

Listen more, talk less


Life is a balancing act.


Listen more and speak less at times.


We need to think about what we say and how we say it.


Listening more and talking less is not always easy, but it is important.


We can often find that our words are hurtful or more than intended.


It is important to learn how to think before we speak and how to speak with meaningful words that will resonate with the people we are talking to.


The more we listen, the more we can gain insight from the people we speak to. 


Every day, walk for at least 30 minutes


A recent study published in The Lancet found that people practice any physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day have a considerably lower risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and breast and colon cancer.


In addition, the study showed that even people who already have heart disease or diabetes could benefit from going to the gym, walking to work, or doing household chores.


A 30-minute mark is a point at which moderate-intensity exercise provides health benefits.


Walking is a fantastic method to obtain your daily activity dosage, regardless of your age or fitness level.


So, maintain a healthy lifestyle and include this formula into your daily routine to ensure a long and happy life.

Strive for excellence, not perfection


Perfectionism can be crippling, leading us to put off taking any action for fear of making a mistake.


But if we strive for excellence instead, we’ll always be moving forward and making progress.


Of course, there will be setbacks along the way, but as long as we learn from our mistakes and keep trying, we’ll eventually reach our goals.


So next time you’re feeling paralyzed by the fear of failure, remember that striving for excellence is another of the many keys to a happy and meaningful life.


Be on time


Being on time is vital for various reasons, both personal and professional.


For one, being on time shows respect for others.


When we are late, we effectively tell the person or people we are meeting that their time is less valuable than ours.


In addition, being on time is a sign of reliability.


If we can’t even show up on time for an appointment, what does that say about our ability to meet deadlines or keep our word?


Finally, being on time is good manners; it also lays a strong foundation and sets a positive tone for any interaction.


So next time you’re tempted to push the snooze button one more time, remember that being on time is one of the most straightforward and essential formulas for living a good life.


Don't make excuses


It is effortless to blame external factors for your failures.



-Well! I can’t sleep because I’m next to a snorer.


-oh! I can’t exercise because I don’t have the time.


-My boss is piling up more tasks I  can’t keep up with at work. 


You get my point!


However, the reality is that we all make excuses and use external factors to excuse our shortcomings. “Don’t make excuses,” your literally sabotaging yourself.


Instead, taking responsibility, discipline, and determination; are three traits that can be hard to come by in today’s society where so many are looking for quick fixes or an easy way out.


Don't argue


Living a peaceful life is to avoid arguing with others.


When two people argue, it rarely leads to a productive or positive resolution.


More often than not, arguments lead to negative feelings and hard feelings.


Additionally, arguing takes up a lot of energy and can be draining.


Therefore, it is simpler and more peaceful to agree to disagree and move on.


Living peacefully doesn’t have to be complicated; sometimes, the simplest approach is the best.


Be kind to everyone, even unkind people


Another strategy, and the one that I value the most, is to be nice to everyone, even if they aren’t kind to you in return.


People sometimes overlook how important it is to be kind even to those unkind to you.  


Some people are just mean and not worth your time;


I get it!! 


But, others may be going through a tough time, and they need your kindness. 


Compassion is one of the most powerful, effective, and beautiful things you can do.


It’s a fluid, unconditional, and self-renewing emotion that connects you to the world and yourself.


So, in the end, it is better to be kind to everyone, even those who are not kind to you. 

Let someone cut ahead of you inline


The next time you’re in line at the grocery store, and someone cuts in front of you, don’t get mad; let them.


Just think to yourself, “that person must be really busy and is probably going through a lot of stress.”


Before you think I’ve gone insane, allow me to clarify what I’m trying to say.


Look at it from this perspective; a person that cut in line is best to ignore because they are acting rude or maybe in a hurry;


Most likely to be a person that is anxious and stressed out because they never have time to relax and enjoy life while you are going with the flow.


It is important to remember that it is not your job to judge the actions of another person.


Take time to be alone


Now and again, we all need to recharge our batteries and take some time for ourselves.


It doesn’t matter; it can be a few minutes of quiet contemplation of walking in nature, soaking in a warm bath, or simply sitting with a cup of tea; being alone can do wonders for our mental and physical well-being.


When we’re constantly on the go, it’s easy to forget how important it is to slow down and just be.


Simply by taking some time out of our hectic schedules to nurture our own needs, we may feel revitalized and prepared to take on the world’s challenges. 


So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that it’s okay to take a break; your simple formula for living is just a moment of alone time away.


And if you’re at a loss as to how to carve out some time for yourself, I wrote a post titled “What Is Practical Self-Care?” where you may get some pointers.


Cultivate good manners


Good manners are a simple formula for living of life that can help us get along with other people.


Using good manners makes a favorable impression on those we meet and creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy.


Good manners also make us feel good about ourselves. If we are polite and considerate, we are more likely to receive the same treatment.


By following this simple formula for living, we can make the world a better place for everyone.


Be humble

Be humble.


That simple phrase encapsulates one of the formulas for living a good life.


Of course, it is not always easy to be humble.


Pride and ego can get in the way, making us think that we are better than others or deserve special treatment.


However, humility is a virtue that can bring great rewards.


When we are humble, we are more open to learning from others and growing as individuals.


Having compassion and forgiveness are two important characteristics of a happy existence.

So, the next time your ego gets the better of you, take a step back and remember to be modest.


You never know what a difference it may make.

Realize and accept that life isn't fair


We all want to be happy, but it can sometimes feel like the world is against us.


We work hard but don’t get the recognition we deserve.


Our relationships are full of drama.


We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and failing to measure up in our daily lives. 


It’s easy to believe that life isn’t fair.


You need to understand that life is what we make it.


If we focus on the negative, we’ll always find examples to support our case. 


Realize and accept that life isn’t fair, but also realize that we have the power to create our happiness.


Eschew drama in our relationships, work hard and be grateful for what we have, compare ourselves to others, and strive to be our best selves.


Life may not be fair, but it’s still good.

Know when to keep your mouth shut


Jeesh, try to learn to keep your mouth shut;


Simplest of simplest formula for living a life with fewer regrets.


Admittedly, we all say things we wish we could take back, and more often than not, it’s because we spoke without thinking first.


You know!!


Let’s blame the heat of the moment instead of yourself, right!!


It can be easy to let our emotions get the better of us and say something we’ll later regret.


So, remember to pause, breathe, keep your mouth shut, process and then speak.


By taking a few moments to collect our thoughts before responding, we can avoid saying something we’ll later regret.


It just might help you avoid a lifetime of regrets.


Go an entire day without criticizing anyone


A pretty hard formula is to go a whole day without criticizing anyone.


It could be challenging, but it is worth it.


When we go about our day without criticizing others, we’re more focused on the positive.


We’re also more likely to be kinder and more thoughtful in our interactions with others.


Furthermore, by not criticizing others, we create an environment of respect and cooperation. 


Working together instead of pulling each other down makes it possible to accomplish great things.


So next time you’re feeling critical, take a step back and try to see the good in the person or situation.

Learn from the past & Plan for the future & Live in the present


There are many simple formulas for living that can help us make the most of our lives.


One is to learn from the Past and Plan for the future.


It’s important to reflect on our past experiences and lessons to make better choices in the future.


Another formula we should apply to ourselves is to live in the present.


It’s easy to get caught up in worrying about what has happened or what will happen, but what about the present moment.


If we focus on enjoying and making the most of each day, we will be much happier.


Whatever formula we choose to follow, it’s important to remember that living is a journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to life.


The most important thing is to enjoy the ride!


Don't sweat the small stuff


As we strive to have a stress-free and happy life, we may feel as if everything is conspiring against us.


There’s always something that can put a damper on our day, whether getting stuck in traffic or spilling coffee on our shirt.


Is it so easy to lose sight of the big picture, you know?!


When we’re concerned with the mundane of daily living. 


So when the formula of  “don’t sweat the small stuff.”


Comes in!! Worrying over every little thing that goes wrong is a waste of time.


Instead, focus on the bigger ass picture and enjoy the moment.


After all, it’s like they say! “happiness is a state of mind.”


If we can learn to let go of the little things, we’ll be much better off in the long run.


Respect and love yourself


Oh!! this is a big big one!! “RESPECT AND LOVE YOURSELF. “


This simple formula is one that many people forget or take for granted.


When you respect and love yourself, you open up a world of possibility.


You permit yourself to be happy, confident, and successful.


You also create a foundation upon which you can build positive relationships with others.


Make sure that you respect and love yourself; if you don’t do it, others won’t do it!!



Get to know who you are and what makes you happy.


Accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all.


Set boundaries with others to protect your time and energy.


Make sure that your actions align with your words.


Treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and care. When you do these things, you will be well on your way to living a life of respect and love.

Be positive


Positivity is one of the simple formulas for living a happy and fulfilling life.


Positive thinking is simple, but it’s not always easy.


It’s a choice we make every day.


Positivity is fuel for the soul.


When you are positive, you radiate happiness and good vibes, which can be contagious.


Furthermore, being positive can help you better cope with stress and difficult situations.


When you have a positive outlook, you are more likely to see the silver lining in every cloud. 


So choose to be positive and watch your life change for the better!


Read and knowledge


Take time each day to read and learn something new.


Learning can be done by reading the news or a book, a new hobby or topic.


By expanding your horizons, you can help yourself see the world in a whole new light.


Want to be more successful in life? Remember the phrase “knowledge is power.” 


This simple formula to read and learn will help better prepare to cope with the obstacles and possibilities that life brings your way.


Be open-minded; do not judge


Living a meaningful and happy life is also more open-minded and less judgmental.


Don’t get caught up in your little world and only see things from your perspective.


I would recommend stepping back and then trying to see things from other people’s perspectives; maybe there’s a middle ground. 


And, of course, it’s important not to judge others or yourself too harshly.


You are not perfect! We make mistakes, yes!


I also include me! We all have different opinions! 


As long as we respect and be open-minded, mind our own business, and accept each other’s right to live our lives as they see fit, we can all get along fine.


Key points are: - Be kind to others - Put yourself in other people's shoes - Whatever you do, be a good person and think about how your actions might affect others.


Living a meaningful and happy life doesn’t have to be complicated; it can be pretty straightforward.


With some direction, everyone can achieve their goals.



We hope this post has provided you with helpful advice and formulas for living a happy and meaningful life. 


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