Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day

Self-esteem Activities for
Valentine's Day

What better way to show love than with self-esteem activities for Valentine’s Day? Hmm!


Come on, let’s go for it!


Let’s use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse to show ourselves some love.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate, whether it’s a 9-to-5 job followed by more work at home or the demands of daily life (such as grocery shopping, laundry, kids, or school ).


But this Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pause on purpose from the stress of life and concentrate on yourself!


There are many great ways to celebrate that will help you feel special and boost your self-esteem, even when things are hard. 


For example, you could have a spa day at home.


Whether you’re looking to reconnect with loved ones or reward yourself, we have plenty of activities to help you feel positive.



Let's start with Valentine's Day History, 📖

Valentine’s Day is also commonly referred to as Saint Valentines Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, which, for me, is a time to “treat yo’ yourself,” focusing on self-care and self-love. 


At its start,  it had religious roots; the Roman Catholic Church deemed February 14 the official holiday. 


Despite this valentines history, it has become a very popular commercialized celebration marked by exchanging greeting cards, flowers, candy, and other gifts as well as indulgent meals.


Be honest! 


We usually forget about focusing on taking care of ourselves-– perhaps that’s the most critical valentine’s gift you can give yourself this year!



Do you take time to love yourself on Valentine's Day?

This year, why not make Valentine’s Day extra special and celebrate it in a way that helps build your self-esteem? 


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples—it’s a day of love for everyone! 

It doesn’t matter if you are single or taken; spending time with yourself is essential to feeling confident and content. 

✨✨How about you sprinkle a little bit of self-love and self-care? ✨✨

As I said, you don’t have to be in a relationship and wait around for someone to bring you flowers and chocolates.


So, what’s stopping you from doing it for yourself?


I know that our busy lives often mean we put ourselves last – but how about making this day about 👉YOU? 


Why not use Valentine’s Day this year to focus on fun activities that will help boost your self-esteem? 


Try these simple valentine’s day self-esteem activities, from pampering at home with face masks or bubble baths to cherishing little moments like treating yourself to breakfast or a movie night; keep reading for some more ideas to build up your self-esteem!



Self-esteem Facts

Research has shown that engaging in self-affirming activities can help our self-esteem and make us feel better about ourselves, especially when we feel most vulnerable.


Check out this link for a deeper dive into self-esteem, complete with more data and statistics.  


The geeky 🤓 version of myself!




I’ve been hanging out with my nerdy boyfriend too much lately. Whom, if he happens to read this, I love you very much, cariño 😘

As I was saying, or even better, writing!


Establishing personal boundaries and understanding self-worth leads to healthier relationships with ourselves and those around us.


Unfortunately, sad to say, but self-esteem is our core belief about ourselves. 



Self-esteem is the foundation on which we can build our inner strength and well-being.

It affects how we feel, how we think, and how we behave.


When we have healthy self-esteem, we feel good about ourselves and are more likely to treat ourselves and others with respect. 


Therefore, it is a fact that to have a strong sense of self-worth, you need to make sure that you value yourself and that you take great care of yourself.


Because of this, having healthy self-esteem is an essential component of practicing self-care.


To boost our self-esteem, it’s important to practice kindness towards ourselves; that’s where self-care activities come into play and can be incredibly beneficial. 


That’s why, this Happy Valentine’s Day, or any other day we’re going to celebrate by doing some self-esteem activities and by understanding that self-love relies on an appreciation of who we are and knowing what truly makes us happy – nobody can take this away from us!


What is self-care, and how can it help you?

Self-care is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot but can be hard to define. 


In other words, self-care includes everything you do to take care of yourself physically and mentally


It’s about making time for the things that bring you joy and feel good.

Everyone’s idea of self-care is different, but some examples include getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising, spending time outdoors, reading, writing, meditating, or spending time with friends and family.


You or your loved ones can do many self-care and self-esteem activities on Valentine’s Day.


As long as it’s anything that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and healthy can be considered self-care.


So,why is self-care important?

Because taking care of yourself can help you manage stress, boost your mood, and improve your overall health. 

When you prioritize self-care, you’re taking charge of your well-being and showing that you value yourself – which can positively affect every other aspect of your life.


How to love yourself this Valentine's Day?

Let’s take this opportunity to practice a little self-care! 


As you know, Valentine’s Day goes beyond purchasing gifts for your friends and family or celebrating with them.


Let’s start practicing some self-love by taking time out of our day to do activities that make us feel good, both physically and mentally.


There are plenty of activities that allow us to practice self-care.


So let’s commit to our actions, focus on positive self-love, and boost our self-esteem with a few activities.  



Let's do something to make you feel better about yourself.
Increase your self-esteem with activities for Valentine's Day and with me!

I’d want to share with you how I show love to myself on any given day of the year; it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day.


Keep on reading!


This is how I start off my day with self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day or any other normal day!

On Saturdays, when I’m home alone, I treat myself to a little TLC. 


Instead of waiting for someone else to treat me, I do it for me. 

I start my day...

With a nice hot shower and listening to music. As the warm water cascaded down my body, I felt like all my worries had melted away. 



I put on comfy clothes and prepared a healthy, delicious breakfast — almond pancakes with lots of honey and unsalted margarine!


The smell fills up the entire house and reminds me just how much joy cooking can bring.


Btw! It’s the one meal I like preparing, yet I typically burn everything else, so I stick to only cooking breakfasts.


You should ask everyone in my home! Yes, I can even burn water or play Hudini and vaporize it!



I get one of my favorite books from the shelf and read them while sipping a hot mocha with marshmallows.


There’s nothing quite like getting lost in good stories or poems surrounded by your loving energy.


It really brings an indescribable warmth into my heart! 💖


I watch a Netflix or Hulu classic rom-com that always makes me laugh until tears come streaming down my face.



Comes the time for dancing around the living room -with my Bella 🐩; no music is necessary as long as you know what makes your soul happy enough to move your feet!


When evening came around, I lit candles around the house so that everywhere would be full of soft light before taking a lovely bubble bath sprinkled with lavender oil and maybe rose petals – feeling oh so special indeed!


Well, cooking, nah! I am happy with a few healthy snacks and a salad.


By doing all these activities  throughout the day, self-love has blossomed within me more than ever before…

A reminder that we don't need anyone but ourselves to feel complete happiness every now & then.

What is mindfulness, and how can self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day help?

Well, first off!! Mindfulness helps us to validate and accept our emotions and boosts our self-esteem. 


A way to be mindful is by engaging in positive activities that affirm the value of ourselves and those we care about. 


Go for a walk or drive to your local pharmacy and buy a notebook. 


Start writing down your thoughts or making a vision board with quotes that inspire you.


When you take time off your day to be mindful gives you a chance to think about and appreciate things in a deeper way.

Treating yourself to an all-day date with Me, Myself, and I

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with the only person who truly matters: you.


Pamper yourself with an entire all-day self-care session of Valentine’s Day self-esteem activities. 

Valentine's Day set up! For the whole month!

These activities and gestures should be ones that make you feel special.


Get your Valentine’s Day decor at the beginning of the month. 


Decorate any place in which you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time, whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, or any other space.


Starting to feel the holiday spirit?


Start by getting yourself ready for the day! 


Continue the holiday spirit by doing you: 


  • Valentine’s Day nails, 
  • Valentines Day makeup
  • Valentine’s Day hair and choosing your valentines day outfit. 


Then take a Valentine’s Day selfie to capture your beautiful self!


Give yourself a pep talk-remind yourself how much you love and appreciate who you are.


Then, read some Valentine’s Day self-love quotes.

- Please keep it going! -

Reflect on the self-esteem activities you did throughout the day; write about what made you proud and ask yourself what could be improved for next time.


Finally, jot down tomorrow’s agenda/to-do list so that you can remain completely organized and get ready for whatever the upcoming day brings.


What better way to treat yourself?


With these activities, you’re sure to feel as beautiful, confident, and loved as ever!


Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Me, Myself, and I can be as special as spending it with someone else!


Valentine’s Day is ultimately about boosting your confidence with a few Valentine’s Day self-esteem activities.



Self-esteem Activities for Valentine's Day

1. Get active and sweat it out;
Valentine's Day activities to boost confidence

One of the best ways to instantly boost your mood is by getting your body moving and breaking a sweat.

Exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects.

2. Make time for yourself
Valentine's Day activities to boost confidence.

Set aside time each day, even if it’s just 10 minutes, to do something you enjoy without stress or obligations.


This can be reading, taking a bath, journaling, or anything else that brings you joy.


3. Set boundaries
Valentine's Day activities to boost confidence.

Learn to say “no” when it is necessary to protect your time and energy.


Be bold, put your needs first, and set boundaries with others as required.


4. Be mindful of your self-talk
Valentine's Day activities to boost confidence.

The things you say to yourself significantly impact how you feel about yourself.


Make an effort to speak kindly to yourself and avoid putting yourself down.

5. Dress up and take care of yourself
Valentine's Day activities to boost confidence.

Take the time to take care of your appearance and make sure you feel good in what you’re wearing.


This doesn’t mean you must be all dressed up all the time, but taking care of yourself sends the message that you value and respect yourself.

6. Do something new, step outside your comfort zone, and try something new!

Challenging yourself this way can help you see yourself in a new light and boost your confidence.

Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day
7. Spend your time with people that make you feel happy
Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself and who support your goals and dreams.


These positive relationships will help you feel good about yourself.

8. Do something nice for someone else
Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day

Another great way to boost self-esteem is doing something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return.


When we make someone else’s day, we can’t help but feel good about ourselves.


Simply holding the door open for someone or giving a stranger a sincere compliment may go a long way.

9. Be accepting of compliments
Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day

When someone pays you a compliment, accept it graciously instead of brushing it off or downplaying it.


This sends the message that you are confident and comfortable with who you are.

10. Take care of your physical health
Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day

Make sure you take care of your physical health by eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.


When your physical needs are met, it’s easier to feel good about yourself overall.


11. Set realistic goals
Self-esteem activities for Valentine's Day

 If we set our sights too high, we’re bound to be disappointed when we don’t reach our goal.


This can lead to feelings of not being good enough and low self-esteem.


Instead, focus on setting realistic goals that you know you can achieve.


Then, celebrate each accomplishment along the way!

Is Valentine's Day a triggering holiday?

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a triggering holiday.


All of the focus on love and relationships can be difficult for those who aren’t in a relationship or who have recently gone through a breakup.


So what can you do if Valentine’s Day is a triggering holiday for you?

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. 


There are a lot of people out there who feel the same way you do. 


Try to focus on the positive aspects of the holiday.

Whether it’s spending time with friends, family, or your significant other, try to focus on the love and happiness surrounding you. 


if you’re feeling really down, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help.


Remember that you’re not alone, and there is help available.

In conclusion,

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, show yourself love with some self-care practices.


There are countless ways to treat yourself well, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.


And if you’re looking for more ideas, be sure to subscribe to our email list and download our free Self-esteem Challenge.


When you download the 30-Day Self-esteem Challenge, keep in mind that it may serve as a source of ideas for self-help and can also be utilized by teens and kids.


It can also be supplied to members of a self-esteem support group.


This is all for the sake of establishing a routine and a goal that will aid you or anybody you know whose confidence may use a boost.

Resources for emotional and mental support

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